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The Backyard

I didn't have a chance to come around very much without a car in this little town Uvita on the Costarican coast, so I decided to rent a bike and my heart led me to the end of a muddy, dumpy road where I met this man, who told me he owns this land we're standing on. And by owning I don't mean building big houses to make big money, tourist attractions, or something like that, quite the opposite actually. He bought hundreds of hectares of land 30 years ago and is planting fruit trees and flowers ever since, leaving everything for the wildlife. Some areas are primary forests and so wild and untouched you can not even get through the green. He only takes what he needs to live, the monkey's mothers come to show him his babies, and a puma lives in the wild, he met him twice. The water is so clean you can drink from it and there are hardly any mosquitos around cause the ecosystem is so balanced. I got the chance to see his backyard and got to know him. One of the most touching and inspiring person I've ever met. I pray for his ongoing ideology and health. Lots of love to you my dear friend.


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