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Learn to Receive

I am a giver. I like to give, care, listen. Some people call me social. I think that's just a label, I just do what my heart tells me. On the other hand I am very bad in asking for help or receive help. Today I had very ambitious plans with tours, transfer to other places in Mexico I got very sick, very very sick. And I ended up being the whole day in bed with this colorful view which I did not even recognize cause of feeling so bad. And when I didn't have to strength to talk, stand, say something or even open my eyes, I had to surrendered to the fact that I can not take care of myself anymore. And that's when different people walked up to me to help. I was so touched from receiving only a glas of water a banana or a pill that I still have tears in my eyes. And that's why I love to give and to take care, it's an exchange and an attraction, which sometimes don't even need words. Thank you wonderful people, caretakeing travelers and dirty Mexico water which made me learn to receive!

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